How to Defeat ISIS

The key to degrading and destroying the Islamic State involves the United States looking outside its Iraq first policy and concentrating on Syria as well. The United States must place emphasis on a political solution to the Syrian civil war while encouraging both its allies and the more adversarial actors already engaged in the fight against the terrorist group.

 Obama ISIS

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The Role of U.N. Peacekeeping in U.S. Foreign Policy

The United States should use U.N. peacekeeping as a more strategic foreign policy tool because instability around the world is detrimental to U.S. security, U.N. peacekeeping takes the pressure off of the United States to be the sole troop and financial contributor, and it provides legitimacy and restores America’s damaged standing in the world.

UN Blue Helmet

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The Enduring Relevance of NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established in 1949 to contain Soviet aggression. Given that the Cold War ended over two decades ago, analysts frequently debate whether NATO is still relevant. The answer is a resounding yes: its mission and operational necessity in the 21st century will only grow more vital, and its operational capability more agile, versatile, and adaptable as the world faces new challenges.


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Fearing the Dragon: China’s Presence in Africa Should Worry the United States

China’s engagement in Africa far surpasses that of the United States in order to fuel China’s insatiable need for energy and other resources. China’s presence on the continent serves as a reminder that the United States should be concerned with the rise of China because China fails to promote good governance or human rights and the U.S. is missing out on opportunities to engage Africa as a trading partner.

china in africa

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What’s Next for Afghanistan?

After U.S. and NATO troops withdrew at the end of 2014, conditions in Afghanistan have worsened, threatening to throw the war-torn country into failed state status. Its stability can only be guaranteed if the international community focuses on Afghanistan’s economy and peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

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